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St Hubert Commercials are Internet Gold...

If you follow this blog for any amount of time you will notice we are big fans of the Québec based franchise, St Hubert. Its a staple of life in la belle province. Awesome chicken and really phenomenal poutine.

One of the gifts St Hubert has given us are their commercials from the 80s to the present. Need to kill some time? Check out these babies:

This first one introduces "Hubie" the chicken-like person creature featured on all St Hubert's advertising. This is apparently from English Canada as they say, Saint Hue-bert. Having only heard the name pronounced the French way this is like nails on a chalkboard.

Next up we continue our tour through English Canadian commercials. St. Hue-bert teaches a young child to love chicken with a great 80s jingle!

Here is an absolute classic, the cowboy investor. They poke a little fun at what seems to be a Texas investor's French accent. To be fair, there is almost 0 chance R.J. Rooster would have known French. Maybe Spanish? Naw.

We've heard rumors about the backstory. Apparently there were some attempts by American companies to buy St Hubert in the 80s. St Hubert being super proud had no interest in selling. R.J. Rooster can hit the bricks.

What does Bonhomme Canarval eat? Does the head come off or what? No one knows..

Last, but certainly not least - Céline Dion. Did she get a new job? Nope just crushing some chicken at lunch.

Never change St Hubert.

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