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Tucker Carlson aime le Québec...JK

The other day I was perusing Le Reve de Gagnon on Facebook and came across a clip that kind of made me do a double-take. Reve, as the...

Our Stories Versus Our Story

Winter- what a great time to get caught up on reading. I’m not a historian or a researcher, I just like to read. Especially when it comes...

De-Railing Québec’s Pâté Chinois

In Québec, poutine aside, it’s hard to find a dish more famous or celebrated than pâté chinois. So… here’s a historical ode to a dish I grud

Trigger Warning: Poutine is Québécois

I’ve been trying to hold off on writing about poutine lately. It’s a daily struggle. There is so much more to our history, language, and...

Changing a Present Focused On The Past

The following appeared in the Spring 2021 Issue of UMaine's Le Forum. I am someone who is newer to the French-Canadian/Franco-American...

Les aventures d'un Québecois

Capsule no 7 3 expressions utilisées au Québec. Y'a kekchose qui m'chicote Avoir les mains pleines de pouces Être boqué

Francophonie Month Challenge! You in?

Here we are in March again and la mois de la Francophonie! As an American growing up in New England, I can honestly say, the first time I...

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