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Le Petit Québec shocks Visitors to South Florida

If you're keeping score at home, Richard Clavet, is winning life. Roughly 30 years ago he bought a medium-sized motel in Hollywood, Florida, and now has a self-described "empire of hotels."

We're not really sure why Hollywood became the go-to spot for Québécois on vacation to Florida, this could probably be an origin story in itself. Maybe it was Richard's doing?

A recent article in WLRN of Miami digs into Richard's story and what makes Richard's motel so special.

The article talks a little about what makes "French-Canadians" return year after year. Poutine and cornhole are starters. Two phenomenal choices! We think it goes a little further than that.

Richard is tapping into a vastly underserved market! Being able to speak your mother tongue so far south in the US must be a relief on some level for Québécois looking to get warm in the winter.

This is absolutely genius if you think about it. He's created a French oasis right on the east coast of Florida!

"You know, how free are you if you go to a motel and you're having a hard time to even ask for toilet paper? Or if you get sick and nobody's going to be able to help you in your language?"  - Richard Clavet

This is a blueprint if you think about it. Any business operating in an area that attracts a large number of visitors from Québec should be bringing Richard in for a consultation.

Treat folks well and they came back for years to come. They leave happy, your business does well, everyone wins!

Check out the smiling faces at Richard's Extended Stay Motel:

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