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Québec Company Creates Portable Stop Light To Keep People Away from You #COVIDLIFE

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In the most 2020 thing ever Alco Prevention Canada has created a new product to well, get people away from you. The Distanceur Alerte 2 (TDA2) is a handie little portable device that turns green when someone standing in front of you is a far enough away, and when they get close...turns red. If a person gets super close its starts flashing red. There is even a setting where it will make noise.

Personally, I feel like it should yell, "arrêt arrêt " if you're too close. That would be epically Québec and a real branding opportunity.

So we're here folks entrepreneurs are inventing ways to maintain social distance. It's kind of creepy, but at this same time pretty impressive.

Every time I get take out, a coffee, or go to any check out register I never really know where to stand. Bring in the old TDA2, problem solved. Flashes red, yells arrêt and boom a socially distanced coffee pick up.

Imagine if we could carry these things around or have a mini TDA2 on the front of our clothes. Stinky guy in the elevator gets too close...arrêt arrêt. Never mind when bars open back up, amazing opportunity.

In any case congrats to Alco Prevention Canada you have launched the iPhone of social distance products. Bon travail!

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